Rubber experts join forces

We are a team of people around the globe with different skills: chemists, physicists, mathematicians, plastics molders, engineers and plastics processors:  This means we have the full range of expertise concentrated in our rubber testing center, enabling us to offer wide-ranging services for rubber producers and the rubber processing industry.

Experience, competence, reliability

The strength of ARLANXEO Polymer Testing is the result of many years of dedicated work - at each order, for each customer. We perform comprehensive testing and characterization of raw polymers, finished compounds and vulcanizates. In addition, we have the necessary equipment and experience for compounding and vulcanizing rubber available.

ARLANXEO Polymer Testing has a strong international focus. The main site is located in Leverkusen, Germany. Here, every month, some 700 rubber compounds are kneaded and rolled, and 400 different tests are carried out – all to find the right mix for our customers.

For our Asian customers ARLANXEO Rubber Technology Center in Changzhou, China, is offering a comparable range of services. Further ARLANXEO R&D centers are available for North America in London, Canada and for South America in Duque de Caxias, Brasil.